Many of Janene’s paintings are created using her hands dipped directly into the paint, which is then smeared, smooshed and swirled across the paper or canvas to the rhythms of music.

Painting is like a dance for me.
The music enters through my ears
Flows through my body
Transmutes into movement.
Via the paint on my hands,
Leaving traces of music on the paper
The Becoming of an Artwork
A Transformation of sound into image.

Beginning a painting with no pre-conceived idea of how the painting will look, opens a world of possibilities. Focussing on the feelings within the painting, brings out images which Janene calls her "innerscapes".

“How do you know when a Painting is finished?”
Many ask.
My answer?
“I don’t know – is a painting ever really finished?”
Focussing on the process of painting
gives an immense freedom
to revel
in painting for the sheer joy of it.

Moonlight Mist - Acrylic on Fabriano - original sold - 50cmHx39cmW

Natures Garden - Acrylic on canvas - 75cmHx61cmW

Summer Storm - Acrylic on Fabriano - 42cmHx30cmW

Spring Garden - Acrylic on Fabriano - 50cmHx39cmW

Floral Symphony, Acrylic on Fabriano 1.5mHx2mW

Unfinished Garden, Acrylic on Fabriano 1.5mHx1.8mW

Portal - Acrylic on Canvas - 100cmHx75cmW

Stargate - Acrylic on Canvas - 100cmWx80cmH

Sunburst - Acrylic on Canvas - 76cmHx61cmW

The Light - Acrylic on Canvas - 71cmHx61cmW

Alone but Not Lonely -Acrylic on Fabriano - 50cmHx39cmW

Castles in the Sea -Acrylic on Fabriano - 42cmHx30cmW

Centered Star - Acrylic on canvas - 76cmHX61cmW

Follow the Stream -Acrylic on Fabriano -Original Sold - 50cmHx39cmW

Garden in Nature - Acrylic on Fabriano - 59cmHx41cmW

Hugging Trees - Acrylic on Board - 122cmHx84cmW

Sunrise at Narraburra -Acrylic on Fabriano -original sold - 41cmWx25cmH

Channel - Acrylic on Fabriano - approx. 80cmWx66cmH

Dancing Forest - Acrylic on Board - 84cmHx122cmW

Forest Glen - Acrylic on Fabriano - 39cmHx50cmW

Flowers in the Forest -Acrylic on Fabriano - 39cmHx50cmW

Ghost Gums - Acrylic on Fabriano - Orignal Sold - 41cmWx25cmH

She moves in the colour
and the colour moves in her


Mandalas have played a significant role in Janene’s artwork.

“I have been fascinated with mandalas for many years, especially with the way mandalas can have particular meanings and be related to different aspects of our lives and growth.”

Janene has produced mandalas in many different mediums.  See below for some images of Janene’s mandalas. Also, Mandala cards will be available in the future.

1. Void - Acrylic on Canvas 91x91cm

2. Bliss - Acrylic on Canvas 60x60cm

3. Unfolding - Acrylic on Canvas 60x60cm

4. Awakening - Acrylic on Canvas 60x60cm

5. Centred - Acrylic on Canvas 91x91cm

6. Potential - Acrylic on Canvas 60x60cm

7. Alignment - Acrylic on Canvas 77x77cm

8. Creativity - Acrylic on Canvas 77x77cm

9. Fulfillment - Acrylic on Canvas 91x91cm

10. Change - Acrylic on Canvas 77x77cm

11. Surrender - Acrylic on Canvas 60x60cm

12. Transformation - Acrylic on Canvas 91x91cm


Every Crazy Critter is unique. When you order your own Crazy Critter, you choose the colour and the type of animal and the Crazy Critter will be custom made for you. You will be shown an image of your Crazy Critter before it is sent to you and you will have the option to confirm whether or not you would like to purchase it.

Every Crazy Critter is unique. Order your own Crazy Critter. You choose the colour and the type of animal and the Crazy Critter will be custom made for you.

Crazy Critters Cool Cat approx. 20x20x20cm

Crazy Critters Hunter approx. 20x20x20cm

Crazy Critters Little Terrier approx. 20x20x20cm

Crazy Critters Long Dog approx. 20x20x20cm

Crazy Critters Old Cat approx. 20x20x20cm

Crazy Critters Playful Puss approx. 20x20x20cm

Crazy Critters Proud Dog approx. 20x20x20cm

Crazy Critters Sassy Cat approx. 20x20x20cm