ABOUT Janene CastillO

In life, we have all learnt to respond and react to our outer world.

In contrast, I seek to explore my inner world. By digging deep and mining into my inner self I unearth deeper and deeper subtle layers of myself.

From there I allow the discoveries to emerge and I express them using the medium at hand whether that be painting, drawing, sculpture or writing. The medium is secondary to the desire to express what is inside and bring it the surface into a tangible form.

Images develop and grow intuitively and, as in life and nature, the colours and textures combine in unique and often beautiful forms.

Words also emerge as an extension of the images or as expressions unto themselves.

Many years ago, I wrote a poem which still articulates my urgent need to be expressive.

Today I’ve touched a depth in me
A precious sensitivity
A raw and vulnerable energy
That fills me to my toes

My body calls from every cell
A story that it yearns to tell
Like drawing from the deepest well
The wisdom that it knows

The yearning to express is strong
And must be done before too long
To share with you my soul’s sweet song
Is what this lifetime chose

This website has been created so I can begin to share my deep expressions with a broader community. Whether it be visual or in words, these are some of the gems I have discovered from within. Like many gems they were mined and taken from the deep dark depths of the inner world. I trust you will enjoy them and perhaps they may even assist you in your own journey. Happy looking.

Part 2. More about me if you are interested in the finer details.

An intrinsic part of my expression is assisting others to find their own creative inner self.

Through art classes and community arts, and the more recent Art for Wellbeing sessions, I endeavour to encourage others to also discover their unique personal expression and assist them to bring out the beauty and the best in themselves.

I am a practising artist and currently run a small art school called “The Artspot” at GIGS Artists’ Studios in Wodonga. I teach art to adults and children of all age groups, group sessions for people with disabilities, Corporate Art Workshops, arty parties, and private art sessions to get people in touch with their creative and inner self.

I have studied Kinesiology, and am a Master Practitioner in NLP, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. These have all been a great grounding for me in my life and for my teaching.

I have been teaching art to all age groups in the community and in private sessions regularly since 1996.   I run holiday art programs and facilitate art workshops and community arts programs.

I completed a Diploma of Fine Arts and Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment in 2004. I have a Diploma in Sensorimotor Art Therapy. I am presently studying my Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice at the MIECAT Institute, Melbourne.

I made a commitment many years ago to continue to grow and raise my conscious awareness. I believe it is a lifelong journey and I continue to learn from all situations that present themselves to me. I believe there is something to be learnt in every situation. My experience has taught me that new learning is always there yet as I grow I am better equipped to deal with these situations. Art and writing has been a wonderful medium to assist my growth and the growth of others.

In amongst all of this I create my own art regularly. I am a contemporary artist and I work in acrylics and mixed media as well as limestone sculpting and other sculptural mediums. I also enjoy creative journal writing and often incorporate Haiku poetry into my visual art.

I have had six solo exhibitions to date and have been in 39 group exhibitions.

I am a studio artist at the GIGS Artists’ Studios where I run most of my classes.

I practically live eat and breathe art which is not hard because I love it!