Sometimes when life gets a bit tougher than usual and,
though you have spent a lifetime learning a whole lot of ways to deal with the tough times,
those things just don't seem to work this time.
Sometimes all you can do is turn to your art and
just do the art
and do your best not to think about how tough life is being
and just keep painting.... just keep painting.
Listen to the music
and just keep painting.

That happened to me last year. The works in this exhibition are some of those paintings.

Each painting has its own piece of music, played obsessively as the painting emerged, time after time, layer upon layer.

It’s as though the music and the painting, together, carried me to a different place. A place which transformed stress, overwhelm and nervous system crash into calm, settledness and often, pure joy. I nearly always came out of my studio feeling completely different to how I felt when I entered earlier.