What is Creative Art Therapy?

Creative Art Therapy uses the creative process to help people gain insight into their inner world through self-expression.

Who might explore Creative Art Therapy?

Sometimes we need a new approach to help us through life.
Perhaps you:
• Have new difficult situations you don’t know how to navigate
• Have underlying trauma
• Are recovering from a Mental Health issue
• Have discovered you or your child have Autism, ADHD or other Neuro-Diverse condition
• You or your child experiences difficulties with anxiety, sensory overwhelm, or other issues related to Neurodiversity

Why do Creative Art Therapy?

Creative Art Therapy allows:-
• A safe space to explore, strengthen and gain insight into yourself (personal insight)
• Explore and understand behavioural patterns and how you might adapt these to help your- self
• Relieve and release pent up emotions to assist your mind and body to bring itself back into balance.
• Discover new ways of processing uncomfortable emotions
• Relax and unwind

It is valuable to do this with a qualified practitioner to ensure you have the support you require

What Services does Gentle Rainbow Art Therapy offer?

Individual Sessions allow you the opportunity to explore your personal issues with focused support from the facilitator.

Group Sessions Through the group dynamic you may find mutual support and a sense of not being so alone. Interacting with others may help validate your experiences and build a broader perspective on your issues. Also a more economical option.

Groups for Children
Art Classes (see The Artspot for further details)
Art Therapy Groups

Groups for Adults

Freedom Art Workshops - Art as therapy as you relax and enjoy exploring different mediums at your own pace in an Open Studio format.
Art for Wellbeing Workshops - A Group interactive workshop where the dynamics of the group is an integral part of the process. We explore different mediums individually and as a group and reflect and share our personal insights and discoveries.

Multi Modal Exploring (Using Different Mediums)
Exploring aspects of yourself through a variety of mediums can give you unique insights into what is happening for you. Each medium accesses different parts of your brain. If you become blocked on something that is happening for you, changing mediums can be a simple way to assist your brain to sense the situation from another point of view.

Benefits of Creative Art Therapy

Your body has a chance to move in different ways as you paint, draw, sculpt, dance etc.
Your mind can quieten as you focus on something else for a while (its like giving your busy mind a mini holiday)
Your emotions can lift as the endorphins (feel good hormones) are released when you learn something new or do

What type of Creative Art Therapy best suits you?

Art as Therapy is when you create art for the fun and pleasure of it. This can be very therapeutic in and of itself as you take your mind off your daily life and relax your brain. You may then reflect and discover something new during or after the creating stage, but this is not essen- tial for this type of art therapy.

Art in Therapy is when you create art with the intention of exploring and expressing something in particular about your life situation or your emotions and feelings. Self-reflection is an important aspect of this type of art therapy and can bring new insights and assist you to imple- ment changes in your life.

What happens in a Creative Art Therapy individual session?

In these one-on-one sessions we will inquire into your individual concerns. My role is to provide a safe and inclusive environment as I gently companion you through your process. The focus is always on your explorations with the intention of assisting you toward some sort of new understanding of your situation.

We begin by getting to know one another a little.

We will discuss what helps you feel comfortable and safe. This is important so you can gain the most benefit from the sessions.
From here you will be given the opportunity to explore through a creative medium of your choice.

At times throughout your exploration and at the end you will be encouraged to reflect on the meanings this has in your life right now. This potentially may assist you to explore new ways of managing and viewing your circumstances.

Is Art Therapy available under the NDIS?

Art Therapy is approved under the following item numbers:-

  • 15_610_0128_1_3 Assessment Recommendation Therapy or training – Art Therapist
  •  15_056­1_0128_1_3 Assessment Recommendation Therapy and/or Training (including assistive Technology) Other Therapy
  •  15_005_0118_1_3 Capacity Building Supports for Early Childhood Interventions - Other Therapy

Group or individual sessions can be in my studio or at another venue. (i.e. school, organisation)

I have a special interest in but am not limited to working with Children and Adults on the Autism Spectrum
For further enquiries please contact Janene Castillo