Journey From The Inside Out

A journey within
Round and round the world we go

Exploring begins

One step at a time
Not too fast and not too slow

New discoveries

Seeking your centre

Deep inside you find a gem

Your inner mentor

Listen carefully
To the sweetness of your soul

Before returning

Embrace this desire
A new way to live your life

From the Inside Out

My inner yearning to find the true depths of myself has lead me on an interesting journey throughout my life. 

In recent years, I was inspired to undertake a course in art therapy training and through this I discovered a new world of Mandalas.

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle, yet there is so much more to it than that.

This exhibition is an expression of the thirteen different types of mandalas represented in the Mari Mandala Wheel.*

Each has their own special meaning and represents a different aspect of our journey through life.

In keeping with the desire to dig deep, the process of creating these paintings has been about producing layer upon layer of paint and rubbing or scratching back to find the layers beneath, just as I like to do in life.

* / Initiatic Art Therapy -Cornelia Elbrecht